New club members and more!

On Friday, everyone signed up for the clubs they wanted to join, and I’m happy to say that The High Five Program now has 24 wonderful members. I’m so grateful to everyone who joined and I hope that the club only grows over the next year! Our first meeting is on Wednesday. We’re planning on having everyone get to know each other and explaining the program a little more. It’s exciting to see all of our work actually begin to take shape.

Day 3-Today, I stayed after school and was late for practice to help out a friend. I feel like it’s always important to prioritize the things that are most important to you and I’m glad that I did that.

Day 4- We had a meet on this day and I made an effort to cheer for everyone who passed by, even people who were not on my team. I know how hard it is to be running and how a little encouragement can go a long way! It always makes me so happy when people cheer for me and I decided to do the same for others.

Day 5- Today is my wonderful brother’s birthday, so I drew a picture of an elephant for him (his favorite animal). I hope he likes it!

As well as gifts, I also decided to list three things I’m grateful for everyday, since I learned from a ted talk that it will help me become a more positive person. I will most likely start with the big, obvious things and then move on to the smaller things that are harder to see. Eventually, I will compile a huge list I can look through when I need to!

  1. My friends- I feel so incredibly lucky to have the friends that I do. They are all so supportive and helpful, I wouldn’t know what I’d do without them. Whenever I am upset or going through a tough time, at least one of them always notices and tries to help me. Even when I push away help (I usually tend to do that, it’s something I’m working on) they always come back and keep trying. They always know what to say and what to do. So many things that they’ve done have touched me in a way I can never forget. I can always tell that they care and they always put so much effort into helping me out, I don’t how I could ever repay them. I love them so much and I really hope they know that.
  2. My mom- My mom is such a strong person, it astounds me every day. She did not have the best family situation growing up and had to give up pursuing her dream job buy she pushed on anyways. She is a breast cancer survivor. Since we don’t really have the best family situation right now either, she essentially has to deal with almost everything at home while still going to work six days a week. She is the one who dealt with my brother and my depression issues and whenever we need help she is always there trying to fight for us. She has to push aside her own issues to help us and it’s so selfless and amazing of her to do that. Even though we don’t always get along I always know that she’s doing her best to be the best mother she can be for us while dealing with all the stress in her life. She’s only human and considering all the circumstances, she’s the best that she could be right now. I wouldn’t be where I am without her.
  3. My teachers- I’ve been so blessed to have had so many teachers that genuinely care about me. I’ve never once encountered a teacher that seems as if they don’t care about their students, and I think that’s so incredibly special. Teachers are so so important to the development of every child. Not only do they teach subjects, they are incredibly influential to the way each student views the world. So many of my teachers have opened my eyes to things I didn’t realize before. I truly believe that I’ve learned something from each teacher I’ve had, even if it wasn’t from the subject they were teaching. I really appreciate the opportunity I’ve been given to learn new things from some of the best people.

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