First Post in a while

Life really caught up to me lately and I was unable to blog for a little while, but here I am now! Since my last post, I sprained my ankle again at practice, which was unfortunate but I’m really proud of how I handled it. The last few times I sprained my ankle, I cried and had panic attacks because I was so scared of not being able to run. I was constantly really hard on myself (in all aspects) and in the end it really destroyed my mental health. This time, I forced myself to stay calm and I told myself that not running for a few days won’t stop me from ultimately reaching my goal. Even if I don’t hit my goals this year, I still have my entire collegiate career ahead of me. I feel like I have really progressed and matured as both a runner and a person, and I am incredibly proud of myself for that.

In general, some great things have happened this week and I’ve been very happy!

(I know this isn’t class related but it’s just a positive thing I wanted to share)

We also had our pitch day, where we presented The High Five Program to the class and we got some wonderful ideas for our club.

Tomorrow is our second meeting and we have some huge things planned! I’m super excited to meet everyone!


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