29 Gift Challenge Day 3

Today, I gave Lance a book of puns and weird jokes because we both really like that stuff. Hopefully it will give him and others a few laughs.


Day 1 and 2 of the Gift Challenge!

Day 1- Today, I sat down and spent time with my younger brother, something I don’t have time to do very often. We laughed a lot together and I’m really glad we got to talk!

Day 2- I sent a nice message to one of my friends thanking them for being such a kind person!

29 Gift Challenge and Club Day

Last week, Lance and I talked to Mr. Salmingo, our assistant principal, and he gave us an awesome idea for an aspect of the High Five Program. The concept of the 29 Gift Challenge is pretty self explanatory. Every day, the person taking on the challenge gives a gift to someone else for 29 days. These gifts can be something simple, such as a hug or a compliment (they don’t need to be physical gifts, although they can be!). Ideally, they would try to record their gifts every day and reflect on their experience at the end of the challenge! We’ve both decided to take on the 29 Gift Challenge starting today, and hope that we can encourage our new club members to start the challenge as well (because of the nature of this challenge, it’s completely mandatory).

Speaking of our new club, Thursday (September 11th) is club presentation day at our school, and I’m looking forward to presenting the High Five Program to our whole school. I really hope that people will genuinely want to support this club and join it. My hope is that this program will help change lives in a positive way in as many ways possible.

Normally, since I am a bit of an introvert, I would be afraid to speak in public, but I’ve improved my public speaking skills so much over the past few years. This whole program is a really huge step for me and I think it will really help me push myself and develop as a person. I’m so grateful for the unique opportunity to do this.

Class Today!

Today, we skyped Don Wettrick, the creator of Innovations classes. It was really amazing learning about how he runs his classes. I learned a lot about how we should go about finding a mentor and how we should keep our goals in sight. The rest of the class was use as brainstorming time to develop our projects. I was really proud of how much progress Lance and I made with this time, and I’m super excited to see how the project turns out!

The High Five Program

At the end of junior year, Lance and I were cooling down from track practice. Since some runners were going clockwise and others were going counterclockwise, people were able to give high fives as they passed by each other. From this cool down, Lance came up with the idea of some kind of club that spread positivity and encouragement through high fives. When he came to me with this idea, I expanded on it and realized that this club could do so much more than give high fives. We decided to create a club that would find a way to spread positivity through different facets in order to make the world a better, happier place.
Junior year was a tough time for both of us. Even though we are both good students, we really struggled keeping up with the stress of school, extracurricular activities, and family life. Personally, I struggled with depression and injuries. Everyone has their personal struggle, and we both realized that a club like the High Five Program would create a support system for anyone who needs it. In addition to providing a support system, the High Five Program seeks to spread positivity with random acts of kindness, service, and talks about positive thinking. We plan on researching the psychology of positivity and learning how to implement that information in our daily lives. We believe that this club can help make a difference in this world through ripples of positivity. The High Five Program will first become a club at La Salle and hopefully spread to other places as the idea spreads.

First Blog

Hello everyone! My name is Bettina Lee and I created this blog to follow my progress through my innovations class at La Salle High School. I will be blogging after every class to review what I learned and what I did. My project partner is Lance Alviso, who will also be blogging through his own blog. For our project, we are planning to start The High Five Program, a program that will focus on spreading positivity through different methods. I look forward to sharing our project with everyone!